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(steph is not emo !)

5 October 1980
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My name is Stephanie. And Steph is not emo.

I am a wannabe trapeze artist, a college student sort of or at least will be soon again, I feel like if I had gotten my dog four years ago my life would be very different. I move around...a lot. I don't know. Stuff. Stuff is for Steph. Great, we're done here. I can edit it later when Kathryn isn't typing.

OK. The end. ... or is it? Allright, save changes, we're done. (HAHAHAH-No we aren't.) STOP! Kathryn is typing. She has commandeered the keyboard. (She's pointing at the "save changes" button.) (She won't speak anymore.) (She's laughing.) (STEPH IS EMO.) No, emo people don't laugh. (She's laughing...)